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Table 4 Multivariable logistic regression results

From: Incidence and risk factors of spinal epidural hemorrhage after spine surgery: a cross-sectional retrospective analysis of a national database

Risk factorsP > |z|*OR (95% CI)
Spine surgery approach: anterior0.030.43 (0.20–0.90)
Spine surgery type: lumbar0.011.75 (1.15–2.65)
Blood loss: >  0.5 L0.002.11 (1.31–3.41)
Surgical time: >  2 h0.007.22 (3.82–13.67)
Hypertension0.031.41 (1.04–1.90)
Use of NSAIDs0.017.30 (1.70–31.44)
Bleeding factors0.001.92 (1.41–2.62)
Anticoagulant use0.080.66 (0.42–1.05)
Type of hospital: small hospitalsa0.031.48 (1.05–2.08)
Location of hospital: rural area0.003.11 (2.32–4.18)
  1. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. *P-value of 0.00 is p-value < 0.001.
  3. aIn the Korean health care system, the hospitals are classified into four categories, based on their function and size. From largest to smallest, they are tertiary general hospital, general hospital, hospital, and clinic. Small hospitals include hospital and clinic