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Table 1 Comparison of preoperative variables between the two groups

From: Development and validation of a nomogram to predict perioperative blood transfusion in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty

 Transfusion(n = 391)Non-transfusion(n = 5011)t/z/χ2P
Age, years67 (61,72)66 (61,71)1.6560.098
Sex  17.3070.000
BMI, Kg/m226.04 (23.52,29.14)27.34 (24.88,29.69)5.2920.000
Duration of disease, years  11.7310.008
Transfusion history5829447.8720.000
Blood type (Rh)  0.0001.000
Blood type (ABO)  3.7480.290
 CCI3 (2,3)3 (2,3)1.0650.287
Indications   0.155*
 Rheumatoid arthritis16151  
 Traumatic arthritis310  
 Psoriatic arthritis06  
Procedures  653.5610.000
 Bilateral TKA231570  
 Unilateral TKA1604441  
TXA use13020609.3450.002
 Diabetes mellitus688010.5320.466
 Coronary heart disease676873.5440.060
 Heart failure16 0.471*
 Other cardiac diseases8780.5550.456
 Peripheral vascular disease81140.0860.769
 Cerebrovascular disease383424.6440.031
 Mental illness3450.0700,791
 Pulmonary disease91801.7890.181
 Digestive system disease223591.3080.253
 Urinary system diseases51212.0540.152
 Gynecologic diseases121490.0110.915
Laboratory tests
 RET, 109/μl61 (57,78)64 (52,78)3.5170.000
 MCV, fL89.5 (86.4,92.6)89.4 (86.7,92.2)0.2570.797
 MCH, Pg29.7 (28.6,30.7)29.9 (28.9,30.9)2.2910.022
 MCHC, g/L332.0 (324.0,340.0)333.0 (327.0,341.0)3.5630.000
 Hb, g/L80.0 (74.0,91.0)105.0 (95.00,115.0)23.4630.000
 RDW, %13.0 (12.5,13.7)12.8 (12.4,13.3)23.0460.000
 PLT, 109/L146.0 (121.0,179.0)179.0 (149.0,213.0)11.8250.000
 PDW, fL11.7 (10.8,13.2)11.8 (10.8,13.0)0.4520.651
  1. TKA Total knee arthroplasty, BMI Body mass index, CCI Charlson comorbidity index, TXA Tranexamic acid, RET Reticulocyte, MCV Mean corpuscular volume, MCH Mean corpuscular hemoglobin, MCHC Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, Hb Hemoglobin, RDW Red blood cell distribution width, PLT Platelet, PDW Platelet distribution width
  2. *Fisher's exact test