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Table 1 Overview of the predefined diagnosis and surgical procedures using the ICD-10 and NCSP codes

From: Compensation claims after knee cartilage surgery is rare. A registry-based study from Scandinavia from 2010 to 2015

DiagnosisSurgical procedures
M17 GonarthrosisNGA11 Endoscopic exploration
M22.4 Chondromalacia patellaNGA12 Open exploration
M23.4 Loose body in the kneeNGF21 Endoscopic fixation of corpus librum
M23.8 Other internal derangements of kneeNGF22 Open fixation of corpus librum
M23.9 Internal derangement of knee, unspecifiedNGF31 Endoscopic resection of corpus librum
M24.1 Other articular cartilage disorderNGF32 Open resection of corpus librum
M24.8 Other specific joint derangements, not elsewhere classifiedNGF91 Other endoscopic procedure on synovia or articular cartilage
M24.9 Joint derangements, unspecifiedNGF92 Other open procedure on synovia or articular cartilage
M25.5 Pain in jointNGG29 Other arthroplasty without prosthesis
M25.8 Other specified joint disordersNGG99 Other excision, reconstruction or arthrodesis of knee
M25.9 Joint disorder, unspecifiedNGH41 Endoscopic removal of corpus librum
M92.4 Juvenile osteochondrosis, unspecifiedNGH42 Open removal of corpus librum
M92.8 Other specified juvenile osteochondrosisNGH91 Other endoscopic procedure
M92.9 Juvenile osteochondrosis, unspecifiedNGH92 Other open procedure
M93.2 Osteochondritis dissecansNGK09 Excision of bony fragment in knee
M93.8 Other specified osteochondropatiesNGK19 Resection or excision of bone in knee
M93.9 Osteochondropathy, unspecifiedNGK29 Fenestration or drilling of bone in knee
S83.3 Tear of articular cartilage of knee, currentNGN09 Autotransplantation of bone to knee
 NGN49 Transplantation of cartilage, periost or fascia to knee
 NGN99 Other transplantation to knee
 YNA20 Removal of cartilage for transplantation
 ZZG00 Cartilage transplantation