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Table 1 Diagnosis of ultrasonography and radiography at the first visit and follow-up (n = 52)

From: Diagnosis of avulsion fractures of the distal fibula after lateral ankle sprain in children: a diagnostic accuracy study comparing ultrasonography with radiography

 Ultrasonography at first visitRadiography at first visitRadiography at follow-up (Reference standard)
Avulsion fracture at the distal fibula33 (63)26 (50)32 (62)
Subfibular ossicle2 (4)2 (4)1 (2)
Epiphyseal fracture2 (4)0 (0)0 (0)
Anterior talofibular ligament injury5 (10)n.a.n.a.
No osseous (or ligamentous) injury10 (19)24 (46)19 (37)
  1. Values show the number (percent) of patients
  2. n.a. not applicable