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Table 4 Associated radiographic parameters with the difference between ankle dorsiflexion on physical examination and gait analysis

From: Discrepancy between true ankle dorsiflexion and gait kinematics and its association with severity of planovalgus foot deformity

 ADF at initial contact - ADFMean ADF in stance - ADFPeak ADF in stance - ADF
AP talus-1st metatarsal angle−−−
Talonavicular coverage angle−−0.1930.090.052−
Lateral talus-1st metatarsal angle−−−
Calcaneal pitch angle0.420.140.0060.410.170.0230.440.180.023
Talocalcaneal angle0.010.110.946−−
Naviculocuboid overlap8.475.490.1368.566.410.1958.636.860.220
  1. ADF ankle dorsiflexion