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Table 2 Trend of IL-6 and CRP: comparisons of baseline and postoperative levels

From: Normal trajectory of Interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein in the perioperative period of total knee arthroplasty under an enhanced recovery after surgery scenario

Study parameterGroupMean DifferenceMultiple comparisons
(Dunnett’s method) with preoperative
IL-6 (pg/mL)Preoperative
12 h51.18< 0.001
48 h53.01< 0.001
3 days28.95< 0.001
2 weeks3.300.943
CRP (mg/L)Preoperative
12 h21.82< 0.001
48 h63.22< 0.001
3 days72.63< 0.001
2 weeks3.320.816
  1. Normality test (Shapiro-Wilk test) failed; thus, Friedman’s one-way repeat-measures analysis of variance was applied, which gave p < 0.001 for both IL-6 and CRP; post hoc Dunnett’s test, which is an extension of the Friedman RM test, compared each pairwise data to find which pair differed from baseline; IL-6 interleukin-6, CRP C-reactive protein, RM repeat measure