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Table 1 Demographics and anthropometry of the study patients

From: Active ankylosing spondylitis increases blood loss during total hip arthroplasty for a stiff hip joint

 Stable disease groupActive disease groupP
Number of patients1732 
age (years)31.65 ± 8.7033.72 ± 11.920.531
Disease duration (years)8.23 ± 2.8612.41 ± 8.980.180*
BMI (kg/m2)21.30 ± 2.4021.33 ± 3.770.900*
Sex (female/male)4/132/300.164
Involved hip (left/right)7/1021/110.134
Application of biologics (Y/N)1/169/230.133
  1. * non-parametric rank sum test, chi-square test with continuity correction, the rest- Student t-test