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Table 3 2018 Definition of periprosthetic hip and knee infection: (CRP (C-reactive protein), ESR (Erythrocyte sedimentation rate), LE (leucocyte esterase), PMN (polymorphonuclear leukocyte), AD-1 (alpha-1-defensin))

From: Is Procalcitonin (PCT) a reliable biomarker for preoperative diagnosing of low grade periprosthetic joint infection? A prospective study

Major criteria (at least one of the followingDecision
Two positive cultures of the same organismInfected
Sinus tract with evidence of the communication to the joint or visualization of the prosthesis
Minor criteriaScoreDecision
 Elevated serum CRP or D-Dimere2≥6 Infected
 Elevated serum ESR1 
 Elevated synovial WBC or LE (++)32–5 Possibly
 Positive Alpha-Defensin3Infected
 Elevated synovial PMN2 
 Elevated synovial CRP10–1 Not Infected
Inconclusive pre-op Score or dry tapScoreDecision
 Preoperative Score≥6 Infected
 Positive Histology3 
 Positive Purulence34–5 Inconclusive
 Positive Single Culture2≤3 Not Infected