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Table 2 Procalcitonin: Overview of sensitivity and specificity values in different studies

From: Is Procalcitonin (PCT) a reliable biomarker for preoperative diagnosing of low grade periprosthetic joint infection? A prospective study

Current studySerum PCT0.5 ng/ml1391< 0.001
Synovial fluid PCT1.0 ng/mL870
5.0 ng/mL1352
Glehr et al. (2013) [8]Serum PCT0.055 ng/mL81540.038
0.36 ng/mL9033
Randau et al. (2014) [21]Serum PCT46 ng/mL13100 
Sa-Ngasoong-song P et al. (2019) [15]Serum PCT0.1 ng/mL6592< 0.001
0.3 ng/mL50100
0.5 ng/mL40100
Synovial fluid PCT0.08 ng/mL9083< 0.001
0.12 ng/mL8092
0.16 ng/mL5591
Bottner et al. (2007) [40]Serum PCT0.3 ng/mL3398n.a.