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Table 3 The associations between risk factors and overall awareness score in the multivariable linear regression models

From: Awareness of osteoporosis among 368 residents in China: a cross-sectional study

VariablesβSEP value
Male vs Female−0.5980.4640.198
Age in year0.0080.0190.676
Body mass index (kg/m2)0.1080.0570.060
 Urban vs Rural0.6510.5430.231
 Suburban vs Rural−0.2920.5470.595
Education level
 Junior vs Primary and below1.5510.5680.007
 Senior vs Primary and below2.3330.6440.000
 Graduate vs Primary and below1.8570.6930.008
Family annual income (US dollar)
 < 1400 vs ≥14,000−1.1710.5490.039
 1400–6999 vs ≥14,000−1.2430.5370.021
 7000–13,999 vs ≥14,000−1.1360.5320.033
Prior BMD test vs No prior BMD test0.5550.4980.266
Prior fracture vs No prior fracture−0.8500.5600.130
 Current vs Never−1.067.7030.130
 Past vs Never−0.5810.6590.378
Alcohol user vs No alcohol user1.0210.5350.057
  1. Abbreviations: β regression coefficient, SE standard error, BMD bone mineral density
  2. P significant at ≤0.05