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Table 3 Post-operative clinical and functional outcome measured and FADI

From: Operative versus nonoperative treatment in children with painful rigid flatfoot and talocalcaneal coalition

Clinical outcomeGroup A (nonoperative)Group B (operative)p-value
Crude meanEstimated meanCrude meanEstimated mean
FADI tot83 (57–100)81 (78–84)92 (64–100)93 (87–98)<.0005
FADI pain87 (50–100)85 (82–100)94 (69–100)97 (92–100)<.0005
FADI function85 (59–100)84 (81–87)93 (64–100)94 (90–98).03
FADI sport74 (47–100)72 (68–77)87 (63–100)86 (80–93)<.0005
  1. Group A: non-operative group. Group B (operative group). The results are expressed as crude and estimated means. The crude means are reported as mean and range. The estimated means were adjusted by inverse probability of treatment weights (IPTW) and follow-up duration (covariates were calculated at 6.5 years of follow-up), using the patient as random effect to avoid violation of the principle of independence in bilateral cases. 95% confidence interval of the estimated mean is reported in brackets. The P-value in the last column is referred to the statistical difference between the estimated means of the two groups