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Table 1 Search used for the Medline database to identify literature reporting on fibromyalgia and terms related to gut microbiome and/or biomarkers of gut bacteria

From: Determining the association between fibromyalgia, the gut microbiome and its biomarkers: A systematic review

Search Search term(s)
1. or Fibromyalgia/ or fibromyositis or fibrositis or "muscular rheumatism"
2. "c-reactive or C-Reactive Protein/ or or or exp. Interleukins/ or or or or or cytokine* or cytokines).mp. or exp. Cytokines/ or or tumor necrosis or exp. Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha/ or TNF*.mp. or exp. Creatine Kinase/ or ("creatine kinase" or protease).mp. or ((metabolic or lactic) and acidosis).mp. or acidosis/ or exp. acidosis, lactic/ or anion or Acid-Base Equilibrium/
3. ((lactulose adj3 mannitol) or (lactulose and mannitol)).mp. or (zonulin or occludin).mp. or Occludin/ or or Citrulline/ or zonula occluden*.mp. or lipopolysaccharide*.mp. or exp. Lipopolysaccharides/ or or or (endox* or (bacter* adj3 toxin*)).mp. or (histamine or tryptase).mp. or (calprotectin or eosinophil protein x).mp. or (secretory IgA or sIgA).mp. or *Immunoglobulin A, Secretory/ or (((butyric or acetic or propionic or lactic) and acid) or (butyrate or acetate or propionate or lactate)).mp. or exp. Fatty Acids, Volatile/ or short chain fatty acid*.mp. or or (trimethylamine N-oxide or TMAO).mp. or Ammonia/ or (ammonia or hippuric or 2-hydroxyisobutyric).mp. or (creatine or succinic or taurine or serine or arginine or glutam*).mp. or Methane/ or or Hydrogen/ or or "hydrogen sul?ide".mp. or exp. Biomarkers/ or biomarker*.mp. or metabolite*.mp. or or exp. Metabolome
4. 2 or 3
5 (((gastrointestin* or gut) adj3 microbio*) or (intestin* adj3 flora) or (intestin* adj3 bacteria)).mp. or exp. gastrointestinal microbiome/ or gastrointestinal or microbio*.mp. or exp. Microbiota/ or exp. Mycobiome/
6. Lactobacillus/ or lactobacill*.mp. or Bifidobacterium/ or bifidobacter*.mp. or exp. Probiotics/ or probiotic*.mp. or (akkermansia or f?calibacter*).mp. or (clostrid* or bilophil*).mp. or Bilophila/ or Desulfovibrio/ or desul? or methano*.mp. or exp. Methanobrevibacter/ or (proteobacter or citrobacter or actinobacter*).mp. or (Roseburia or Eubacteri* or Subdoligranulum or Anaerostipes or Lachnospiraceae).mp. or exp. Eubacteria/ or exp. Prevotella/ or or or exp. Klebsiella/ or or or Veillonella/ or exp. Bacteroidetes/ or bacteroid*.mp. or or Firmicutes/
7. exp Gram-Positive Bacteria/ or exp. Gram-Negative Bacteria/ or ((gram-negative or gram-positive) and bacteria).mp. or exp. aerobic bacteria/ or (aerobic adj3 bacter*).mp. or exp. anaerobic bacteria/ or (anaerobic adj3 bacter*).mp. or helicobacter or Helicobacter pylori/ or "H. pylori".mp. or exp. Candida/ or or exp. Saccharomyces/ or or or Rhodotorula/ or
8. 5 or 6 or 7
9. 4 or 8
10. 1 and 9
11. Limit 10 to English language, Humans, Adults
12. Limit 11 to publication date: 01 January 1976a to present
  1. athe year "fibromyalgia" became the official term for the condition 1. Inanici F, Yunus MB: History of fibromyalgia: past to present. Current Pain and Headache Reports 2004, 8(5):369–378