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Table 1 Schedule for recruitment and assessments

From: Investigating musculoskeletal health and wellbeing; a cohort study protocol

 ScreeningTime points
 Primary care databases     
 Secondary care waiting lists     
 Public posters     
 Media or online     
 Outpatient visit     
 Other research studies     
 Check eligibility
 Signed consent     
 Demographics and lifestyle 
 Pain phenotyping
Joint pain, McGill pain questionnairea, CAP-Knee 
Frailty classification/scoring
FRAIL, FiND, Fried criteriaa 
 Medical conditions and treatments     
FRAXa, comorbidities, medical treatments 
  Mental health and activity 
  1. aselected items. CAP-Knee; Central Aspects of Pain-Knee questionnaire, FRAIL; Fatigue, Resistance, Ambulation, Illnesses, & Loss of Weight questionnaire, FiND; Frail Non Disabled scale