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Table 1 CT-based Classification of Spinal Fusion

From: A new lever reduction technique for the surgical treatment of elderly patients with lumbar degenerative Spondylolisthesis

Grade IComplete fusionCortical union of the allograft at bone cranial and caudal ends and continuity of trabecular pattern between the autograft within the medullary canal of the allograft and the adjacent cranial and caudal vertebral bodies
Grade IIPartial fusionCortical union of the allograft to the endplates at each end however with partial or absent trabecular continuity between the medullary autograft and the adjacent vertebral body bone at one or either end.
Grade IIIUnipolar pseudarthrosisCranial or caudal cortical nonunion of the allograft with associated central trabecular discontinuity
Grade IVBipolar pseudarthrosisBoth superior and inferior cortical nonunion with a complete lack of central trabecular continuity