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Table 2 Participants’ gait parameters including hip, pelvis, and trunk kinematic and kinetic variables in the frontal plane (n = 55)

From: Gait kinematics of the hip, pelvis, and trunk associated with external hip adduction moment in patients with secondary hip osteoarthritis: toward determination of the key point in gait modification

Gait speed, meters/seconds1.140.160.751.53
Ground reaction force (Frontal plane), N612.2107.9400.5910.4
Stance phase duration, seconds0.510.040.410.63
Peak hip abduction angle, degrees7.22.91.413.4
Peak hip adduction angle, degrees3.63.8−5.311.4
Peak pelvic tilt angle (toward stance limb), degrees3.
Peak pelvic tilt angle (toward swing limb), degrees3.22.2−1.97.3
Peak trunk lean angle (toward stance limb), degrees3.12.6−5.18.9
Peak trunk lean angle (toward swing limb), degrees0.22.3−5.46.9
Hip adduction moment impulse, Nm•seconds22.