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Table 5 Medical Expenditure, Number of Visits, and Length of Treatment for Spinal Pain in Cases and Controls by TMD grade

From: The relationship between spinal pain and temporomandibular joint disorders in Korea: a nationwide propensity score-matched study

 Averaget ValueaPr > |t|
Medical expenditure ($)b
 TMD total8113610.34<.0001
 TMD grade 1c781228.62<.0001
 TMD grade 2d962014.61<.0001
 TMD grade 3e1063203.770.0002
Difference test between TMD gradesg95.81<.0001
Number of visits (days)f
 TMD total2.74.814.21<.0001
 TMD grade 1c2.64.211.25<.0001
 TMD grade 2d3.57.86.50<.0001
 TMD grade 3e3.511.36.29<.0001
Difference test between TMD grades97.51<.0001
Lengths of treatment (days)g
 TMD total3.35.510.95<.0001
 TMD grade 1c3.14.98.95<.0001
 TMD grade 2d3.78.66.47<.0001
 TMD grade 3e5.312.33.480.0005
Difference test between TMD grades96.82<.0001
  1. aResults of paired t test
  2. bConverted costs according to the U.S. Dollar in 2018.10.12 (US $1.00 = Korean 1130 Won)
  3. cTMD grade 1: Outpatient days due to TMD fewer than 6
  4. dTMD grade 2: Outpatient days due to TMD more than 6 and fewer than 12
  5. eTMD grade 3: Outpatient days due to TMD more than 12 or use of hospitalization services
  6. fNumber of visits: Number of outpatient visits or number of inpatient care days of patients
  7. gLengths of treatment: Total days of treatment, including drug prescription days without medical treatment
  8. hOutcome difference test between TMD grades by using Kruskal–Wallis test
  9. TMD Temporomandibular Disorder