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Table 1 Reported cases where ACDF and thyroid gland surgery were combined

From: Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion combined with thyroid gland surgery, a tailored case and literature review

Author(s)Patient GenderPatient Age in yearsPatient SymptomsThyroid function testsACDF LevelThyroid gland Pathology and Surgical procedurePathology Report
GulsenMale48Left biceps muscle weakness (3/5) and left triceps muscle weakness (4/5)NormalTwo Levels, C5/6 and C6/7Goiter encountered intraoperatively, ThyroidectomyNo Malignancy
Themistoklis et al. (current case)Male50left first dorsal interosseous muscle weakness (4/5), paresthesia on C8 distributionNormalOne level, CTJRight lobe nodule found in pre-operative work up, Right hemithyroidectomyColloid nodule