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Table 4 Outcome measured and time-points

From: High-energy dose of therapeutic ultrasound in the treatment of patellar tendinopathy: protocol of a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial

OutcomesData collection time-points
T0aAll sessionsT1T2aT3T4
 3. IPAQ-short formX XXXX
 4. PPT algometryXXXX  
 5. ThermographyXXXX  
 6. Muscle strengthX XX  
 7. 2D kinematicsX XX  
 8. MRIX  X  
  1. a Primary time-points
  2. VAS Visual analogue scale; VISA-P Victorian Institute of Sports Assessment-Patella; IPAQ-short form International Physical Activity Questionnaire-Short Form; PPT Pain Pressure Threshold; 2D kinematics two-dimensional kinematic analysis; MRI Magnetic resonance images