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Table 2 Example electronic search strategy

From: Diagnostic accuracy of history taking, physical examination and imaging for phalangeal, metacarpal and carpal fractures: a systematic review update

DatabaseSearch terms
Embase(‘hand injury’/exp. OR ‘wrist injury’/exp. OR ‘wrist fracture’/exp. OR ((‘hand bone’/exp. OR wrist/exp. OR hand/exp. OR ‘wrist pain’/exp. OR ‘hand pain’/exp) AND (‘bone injury’/exp. OR fracture/de OR ‘ligament injury’/exp. OR ‘ligament rupture’/exp)) OR (((hand OR hands OR wrist* OR finger* OR carpal* OR carpus OR phalanx* OR metacarp* OR capitate* OR hamat* OR lunat* OR pisiform* OR scaphoid* OR trapezium* OR trapezoid* OR triquetr* OR navicular* OR lunar OR semilunar* OR multangulum* OR pyramid* OR metacarpophalang* OR thumb* OR ‘distal radius’ OR ‘distal ulna’ OR ‘distal radial’ OR ‘distal ulnar’ OR scapholunate* OR lunotriquetral* OR ‘triangular fibrocartilaginous’ OR SLIL OR LTIL OR tfcc OR ‘ulnar collateral ligament’ OR ‘ulnar collateral ligaments’ OR ucl) NEAR/3 (injur* OR trauma* OR wound* OR lesion* OR dislocate* OR fracture* OR damage* OR tear* OR sprain* OR displace* OR rupture*))):ab,ti) AND (‘diagnostic test’/de OR ‘function test’/exp. OR ‘diagnostic error’/exp. OR ‘diagnostic accuracy’/exp. OR ‘diagnostic value’/exp. OR ‘differential diagnosis’/exp. OR ‘delayed diagnosis’/exp. OR ‘sensitivity and specificity’/exp. OR (((diagnos* OR detect* OR differen* OR strength* OR motion*) NEAR/3 (test* OR accura* OR error* OR false OR fail* OR value* OR impact* OR effective* OR earl* OR missed OR correct* OR incorrect* OR delay* OR difficult* OR negative* OR positive* OR sensitivit* OR specificit* OR confirm* OR abilit*)) OR (diagnos* NEAR/3 differen*) OR misdiagnos* OR underdiagnos* OR undetect* OR (predict* NEAR/3 value*) OR (function* NEAR/3 test*) OR (false NEAR/3 (negative* OR positive*))):ab,ti) NOT ([Conference Abstract]/lim OR [Letter]/lim OR [Note]/lim OR [Editorial]/lim) AND [english]/lim NOT ([animals]/lim NOT [humans]/lim)
  1. Search terms for the other databases are available upon request