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Table 2 Comparison of clinical complications between both groups

From: Differences in radiographic and clinical outcomes of oblique lateral interbody fusion and lateral lumbar interbody fusion for degenerative lumbar disease: a meta-analysis

 OLIF Alone [8] (n = 17)OLIF + Posterior Fixation (n = 1026)OLIF Total (n = 1043)LLIF Alone [6, 30, 34, 49, 52] (n = 249)LLIF + Posterior Fixation (n = 1313)LLIF Total (n = 1562)
vascular complications01818000
Neurological injury033213
thigh pain/numbness, psoas weakness
gastrointestinal and urinary complications0262612122
wound complications
 wound pain235011
Revision Surgery0121231013
Hardware failure044011
Failure of Operation      
EndPlate Fracture05454022
Vertebral fracture022033
Cage subsidence0535315520
Rupture of ALL000022
complications not directly related to surgical access      
pulmonary/ respiratory011213
  1. OLIF oblique lateral interbody fusion; LLIF lateral lumbar interbody fusion; ALL anterior longitudinal ligament