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Table 1 Number of reported falls before and after total joint arthroplasty

From: Falls and fear of falling in older adults with total joint arthroplasty: a scoping review

Author (year)nJoint arthroplastyRecall time of falls 
Pre-operative FallsTime before surgeryNumber of falls
Hill et al. (2016)282Hip (n = 85) Knee (n = 197)12 Months2–4 Weeks116 (41%)
Mitchell et al.(2007)199Hip (n = 84) Knee (n = 115)1 MonthN.S.75 (39%)
Pozzi et al. (2015)31Hip6 Months2 Weeks7 (23%)
Tsonga et al. (2015)68Knee12 Months1 Month43 (63%)
Post-operative FallsTime after surgeryNumber of falls
Smith et al. (2014)269Hip (n = 104) Knee (n = 165)12 Months12–72 Months43 (26%)
Ikutomo et al. (2015)214Hip12 Months12 Months77 (36%)
Matsumoto et al. (2012)74Knee1 Month6–11 Months23 (39%)
Soison et al. (2014)54Knee12 Months7–73 Months23 (42%)
Pre- & post-operative FallsTime before surgeryNumber of falls before TKATime after surgeryNumber of falls after TKA
Levinger et al. (2011)62Knee (n = 35)12 MonthsN/S17 (48%)4 monthsN/S
Controls (n = 27)8 (30%)
Riddle et al. (2016)413Knee12 MonthsN/SN/S12 months–48 monthsN/S
Swinkles et al. (2009)99Knee3 Months (Pre) 12 Months (Post)N/S24/75 (32%)1–12 months11/85 (13%)
Tsonga et al. (2016)68Knee1 Month2 weeks43 (63%)1–12 months15 (21%)
  1. Abbreviations
  2. N/S not stated, TJA total joint arthroplasty