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Table 1 Summary of cases about lumbar fracture with posterior dislocation in the literature

From: A distraction technique using reduction multi-axial screws for open reduction of high-grade lumbar posterior dislocation:a case report and literature review

Robbins et al. [6]23/FL5-S1Traffic accidentInternal fixation of L5-S1 pedicles and discectomy and posterior lumbar interbody fusionComplete recovery
Yadav et al. [7]7/ML1-L2Drag of ropeL2 reduction by a towel clip and stabilization by 5-mm loop rectangle and sublaminar wires with two levels above and below the affected segmentIncomplete recovery
Verhelst et al. [8]6/FL5-S1Tractor crashA laminectomy was performed from L4 to S1 and posterior instrumentation and grafting was performed by the USS Small Stature/ Pediatric spinal systemIncomplete recovery
Baron et al. [9]20/ML4-L5Traffic accidentPosterior reduction with pedicle screw– and rod-augmented fusion from L3 to S1.Incomplete recovery
Gabel et al. [10]27/ML5-S1Traffic accidentInternal fixation of the spine from L2 to the sacroiliac joint and an interbody cage was placed at the L5 levelIncomplete recovery
Zhang et al. [11]51/ML4-L5Fall accidentDepression, reduction, and fixationNo neurologic deficit