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Table 4 Baseline characteristics by each follow-up population

From: Back beliefs in patients with low back pain: a primary care cohort study

VariableBaseline study population n = 22933-month non-responders n = 7863-month study population N = 123012-month non-responders N = 37712-month study population N = 429
Age in years, mean (SD)44(14)40(13)47(13)41(14)46(13)
Age range in years18–8718–8018–8018–8018–80
Episodes of LBP before current one,
 1 episode14%13%14%19%12%
 2–3 episodes24%25%24%20%24%
  > 3 episodes45%43%46%39%45%
 Total (n)16133441067203379
Time since start of current episode of LBP,
 1–14 days60%61%61%61%61%
 2–4 weeks11%10%11%9%10%
 1–12 months18%19%18%19%20%
  > a year10%11%10%11%9%
 Total (n)22797781221375425
Days with LBP during the previous year
 Less than or equal to 30 days63%60%65%63%64%
  > 30 days37%40%35%37%36%
Total (n)22933501230210375
Back pain (VAS 0–10), mean6.
Disability (RMDQ 0–23), mean12.711.912.812.212.3
  1. SD standard deviation
  2. LBP low back pain
  3. VAS visual analogue scale
  4. RMDQ Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire