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Table 2 Scores on individual items of the Back Belief Questionnaire (BBQ)

From: Back beliefs in patients with low back pain: a primary care cohort study

 3 months12 months
ITEMBaseline n = 2293Total (n) = 1230LBP, n = 866no pain, n = 364Total (n) = 429LBP, n = 268no pain, n = 161
meanagree %meanagree %meanagree %meanagree %meanAgree %meanagree %meanagree %
BBQ 1 There is no real treatment for back trouble4.364.384.194.554.294.0104.57
BBQ 2 Back trouble will eventually stop you from working3.8193.8173.8163.9183.5263,525.3.514
BBQ 3 Back trouble means periods of pain for the rest of one’s life3.7173.8163.6184.1103.6203.328.4.26
BBQ4 Doctors cannot do anything for back troublea3.8173.7173.6194.0123.6203.4253.912
BBQ5 A bad back should be exercisedab4.544.484.464.574.554.564.64
BBQ 6 Back trouble makes everything in life worse3,1323.3263,3243.2323.1313.1313.132
BBQ 7 Surgery is the most effective way to treat back troublea4.434.344.384.344.254.264.33
BBQ 8 Back trouble may mean you will end up in a wheelchair3.7173.6203,6183.4263.4213.5193.324
BBQ 9 Alternative treatments are the answer to back troublea3.7183.3163.3163.3153.3173.3163.217
BBQ 10 Back trouble means long periods of time off work3,7123.983.973.7123.9103.993.812
BBQ 11 Medication is the only way of relieving back troublea4.354.
BBQ 12 Once you have had back trouble there is always a weakness3.7173.6183.5203.9133.5213.4243.717
BBQ 13 back trouble must be rested3.3233.4203.4203.5203.4193.4203.618
BBQ 14 Later in life back trouble gets progressively worse2.9343.2263.1303.4183.0312.9383.321
  1. Mean: mean reversed score of each item of the BBQ with a high score indicating disagreement with the statement (range 1–5)
  2. % agree: Percentage of the population agreeing with the statement (score of 1 or 2 indicates agreement)
  3. a distractor item and not part of the sum score
  4. bBBQ5 is not reversed due to the context of the question, it is therefore also % of disagreement noted