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Table 5 Statistically significant stepwise regression models

From: Feet deformities and their close association with postural stability deficits in children aged 10–15 years

GenderDependent variablePredictorFpR2
GirlsCOP-log lengthWejsflog index L12.140.0010.109
COP-log Surface areaWidth L foot7.550.0070.071
X MeanClarke’s angle L6.940.0100.066
Y MeanHallux valgus angle L6.970.0100.066
COP Y-logWidth L foot6.980.0100.110
Hallux valgus angle R5.110.026
COP X-logWidth L foot7.400.0080.070
BoysCOP-log lengthWejsflog index R16.51< 0.0010.234
Width L foot8.150.005
Clarke’s angle R4.340.040
COP-log surface areaWidth P foot4.930.0290.105
Clarke’s angle R6.360.013
X meanClarke’s angle L4.880.0300.048
Y meanWidth R foot9.620.0030.196
COP Y-logWidth R foot5.770.0180.118
Clarke’s angle R7.040.009
  1. F- statistical values, Fisher-Snedecor test, R2 - determination coefficient, log - logarithm of the variable