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Table 2 Statistically significant morphological variables of the feet within the study group, stratified by gender

From: Feet deformities and their close association with postural stability deficits in children aged 10–15 years

Length - L foot238.1517.85229.5314.04−3.0940.002
Length - R foot237.8117.48229.4114.1−3.1180.002
Width - L foot88.776.3485.476.35−3.3990.001
Width - R foot89.126.3585.96.59−3.1280.002
Hallux valgus angle (α) P4.163.486.124.13.642< 0.001
  1. Mean-arithmetic mean, SD-standard deviation, Z- statistical values of the Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon test for two independent samples, p-level of significance, L-left, R-right