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Table 1 Pain neuroscience education content

From: Effects of pain neuroscience education in hospitalized patients with high tibial osteotomy: a quasi-experimental study using propensity score matching

1. Purpose of the education• Fear avoidance model• Goal setting
 1 week postoperatively• Rehabilitation and education schedule 
2. Pain in knee osteoarthritis• Biological psychology model• Cognitive restructuring
 2–5 weeks postoperativelya• Descending inhibitory pathways 
3. Pain and sleep• Sleep hygiene education• Mindfulness
 2–5 weeks postoperativelya• Descending pain modulatory systems• Distraction
4. Pain and lifestyle• Pain and inactivity• Activity pacing
 2–5 weeks postoperativelya• Effects of nutrition on inflammation 
5. Self-management• Social cognitive theory• Decisional balance
 2–5 weeks postoperativelya• Willpower and brain 
  1. aAttend at random