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Table 3 Sickness absence in one year: registered sickness-absence net days (n-days) > 14 days among the study population N = 4567 workers with self-reported neck or upper back pain by gender, age group and work ability score (WAS). Mean number of days, number of days on the 90th and 95th percentile (Pctl). N = number of workers

From: Important work demands for reducing sickness absence among workers with neck or upper back pain: a prospective cohort study

 Mean n-days (> 14 days)90th Pctl n-days (> 14 days)95th Pctl n-days (> 14 days)
16–29 years4122
30–49 years101763
50–64 years132484
WAS 10 Excellent7634
WAS 8–9 Good101551
WAS 6–7 Moderate143683
WAS 1–5 Poor33107243