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Table 1 Characteristics of the source population, 18,786 workers with or without neck or upper back pain (neck pain), (18,450 reported Work Ability Score). N = number of workers

From: Important work demands for reducing sickness absence among workers with neck or upper back pain: a prospective cohort study

No neck painNeck painNo neck painNeck pain
N = 6957N = 3023N = 7262N = 1544
Age category
 16–29 years948383937140
 30–49 years328514153534711
 50–64 years272412252791693
Work Ability Score
 WAS 10 Excellent396013143822574
 WAS 8–9 Good213910042529566
 WAS 6–7 Moderate579443656273
 WAS 1–5 Poor17019713787