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Table 2 Achilles tendon kinetics and kinematics as a function of orthotic interventions

From: Controlled trial to compare the Achilles tendon load during running in flatfeet participants using a customized arch support orthoses vs an orthotic heel lift

 No orthoticCASOHLp-value
Peak plantarflexion moment (N·m·kg)3.210.722.910.642.940.68< 0.001*
Peak Achilles tendon load (B.W.)5.801.< 0.001*
Time to peak Achilles tendon force (s)*
Achilles tendon loading rate(B.W.·sˉ1)38.257.8131.197.2731.898.55< 0.001*
Peak dorsiflexion angle ()25.5810.9627.1210.8018.399.17< 0.001*
  1. Notes: * = significant difference P < 0.05, B.W. Body weight