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Table 2 Timetable for data collection

From: Acupuncture therapy for chronic low back pain: protocol of a prospective, multi-center, registry study

Data elements Therapeutic Session Follow-up Period
Minimum treatmenta Last Visit Minimum follow-upb
First Visit Second Visit Thirdly Visit Week 1 Week 12 Week 24
Demographic information         
CLBP information     
Lumbar imaging         
Informed Consent         
Acupuncture rationale         
Acupuncture details     
Acupuncture regimen         
Combined therapy     
Numerical Rating scale (NRS)      
Oswestry Disability Index (ODI)      
Adverse event  
Disease status      
  1. aThe number of acupuncture treatments shall be no less than three times, bNo less than three follow-up visits