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Table 1 Metadata of main items and variables

From: Acupuncture therapy for chronic low back pain: protocol of a prospective, multi-center, registry study

Major data sources Main items Property Main variables and labels
Medical Centre Institutional background Indispensable Medical Organizations, Location and hospital attributes, Medical institution level
Registration of contribution Indispensable Number of recruited practitioners, Number of enrolled patients
Physicians Demographic Information Indispensable Name, Age, Gender, Place of residence, Contact information, Educational background
Practitioner background Indispensable Medical Organizations, Years of employment, Professional qualification (senior or intermediate professional title)
Patients Demographic Information Indispensable Name, Age, Gender, Nationality, ID number, Residence, Occupation, Marriage status. Educational Qualifications, Contact information
CLBP Information Indispensable Visit date, Chief complaint, Course of disease, Location of pain, Characteristics of pain, causes of pain aggravation, Medical history, Causes of pain relief, Back function, Concomitant symptoms, History of acupuncture and Reception, auxiliary examination
Diagnosis information Indispensable Disease diagnosis, Syndrome differentiation of TCM etiology and meridians, Complicating disease
Lumbar imaging Optional X ray, CT examination, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Informed Consent Indispensable NA
Acupuncture treatment process Acupuncture rationale Indispensable Acupuncture date, Acupuncture style, Acupoint selection principle, Operation of acupoints
Acupuncture details Indispensable Response elicited, Needle retention time, Needle stimulation, Needle type (gauge, length), Adjunctive therapy, Needle parameter, Co-intervention
Acupuncture regimen Indispensable Number of treatment session, Frequency of treatment
Combined therapy Indispensable Pharmacotherapy, Non-pharmaceutical therapy, Other acupuncture type
Outcomes Effectiveness evaluation Indispensable NRS, ODI, Effective Rate
Safety evaluation Indispensable Adverse events
Follow up Indispensable Disease status (Recurrence, Lower back pain related surgery, Seeking other treatments)
  1. CT Computed tomography, NA Not applicable, NRS Numeric rating scale, ODI Oswestry disability index, TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine