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Table 4 Topic Guide - Qualitative Interviews - People with Chronic Pain

From: Obstacles to returning to work with chronic pain: in-depth interviews with people who are off work due to chronic pain and employers

Topic Questions prompts
About the participants chronic pain I wonder if we might start by your telling me a little about your pain – the nature of it, how long you have had it and the ways it has affected your work life?
Perceived obstacles to return to work (physical/ psychosocial) Have you worked previously? Could you tell me a little about what you did when you used to work?
How did you come to stop working?
I would be interested if you might tell me a little about the obstacles you perceive you have now to working?
Have you previously found any adaptations, coping mechanisms, or sources of support that have helped you to work?
Disclosing chronic pain condition to employer If a person discloses they have chronic pain on a job application form or during a job interview what impact do you think this might have on their chances of being employed?
Did you ever have reservations about discussing your pain with your employer?
Perceived facilitators/ enablers of return to work What do you think would enable people with chronic pain return to work?
Reasonable adjustments Can you think of any workplace adaptations that in your case would help you be able to work/ maintain employment?
Did any of your previous employers make workplace adjustments? Did these help?