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Fig. 3

From: Bone microarchitectural parameters can detect oxytocin induced changes prior to bone density on mitigating bone deterioration in rabbit osteoporosis model using micro-CT

Fig. 3

a-f 3D micro-CT images of the proximal femurs in the three groups.3.1 3D images of a rabbit in control group at 12th week show that bone loss is relatively slight and the femur trabecular microarchitectural is largely preserved. Subpanels 3–2, 3-3,3–4 represent the 3D images of a rabbit in OVX-vehicle group at 4th, 8th, and 12th week after OVX respectively. The images show continuous cancellous bone microarchitectural deterioration, trabeculae decrease, and enlarged interspace over time. Subpanels 3–5 and 3–6 are the 3D images of a rabbit in OVX-oxytocin group at 4th and 12th week after OVX, respectively. The cancellous bone architecture has significantly been preserved compared with those in OVX-vehicle group of the same time point

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