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Table 2 Hazard items in the APHIRM toolkit survey

From: The APHIRM toolkit: an evidence-based system for workplace MSD risk management

Physical task demands (12 items)

Physical environment, equipment, OHS overall (6 items)

Quantitative demands (3 items)

Work pace (3 items)

Emotional demands (2 items)

Influence at work (1 item)

Possibilities for development (4 items)

Variation of work (1 item)

Control over working time (1 item)

Meaning of work (2 items)

Predictability (1 item)

Recognition (1 item)

Role clarity (2 items)

Role conflicts (2 items)

Illegitimate tasks (1 item)

Quality of leadership (2 items)

Social support from supervisor (3 items)

Social support from colleagues, Sense of community at work (2 items)

Organisational justice (3 items)

Job Satisfaction, Work-life balance (2 items)

  1. Grouping of psychosocial hazards in this table is based on Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ) categories. The 54 individual items are listed at; they are from various sources including but not confined to COPSOQ, as described in APHIRM Toolkit Development Process