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Table 2 Descriptions of complications in the included studies

From: The efficacy and safety of continuous versus single-injection popliteal sciatic nerve block in outpatient foot and ankle surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author study design G1(CPSNB) / G2(SPSNB) Complications
Ding 2015 RCT 23/21 G1: 5/23 catheter dislodge; 2/23 pump malfunction
Elliot 2010 RCT 27/27 All: 6/54 drug leakage, 2/54 catheter blockade, 1/54 catheter dislodge, 1/54 pump malfunction
G1:0/27 adverse drug reaction
G2:1/27 numbness on foot dorsum for 5 days, recovered
Zaric 2004 RCT 30/30 All: 5/60 drug leakage,5/60 difficult adaptation to the device, 1/60 catheter dislodge,
G1: 0/30 adverse drug reaction
White 2003 RCT 10/10 G1:8/10 “tingling sensation” in the foot
G2:1/10 “tingling sensation” in the foot
Ilfeld 2002 RCT 15/15 All: 15/30 drug leakage, 9/30 nonscheduled contact with the physician, 2/30 catheter dislodge, 1/30 pump malfunction
  1. CPSNB Continuous popliteal sciatic nerve block
  2. SPSNB Single-injection popliteal sciatic nerve block