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Table 1 HA products used in this study

From: Biocompatibility study of different hyaluronan products for intra-articular treatment of knee osteoarthritis

Brand name (Lot number) Type Concentration Origin Molecular weighta
SUPARTZ FX™ (4X7Z01) Natural HA 10 mg/mL (2.5 mL) Avian 620–1170 kDa
ORTHOVISC® (N170038B) Natural HA 15 mg/mL (2 mL) Fermentation 1000–2900 kDa
SYNVISC® (6RSP017) Cross-linked HA (protein and DVS)b 8 mg/mL (2 mL) Avian hylan A; 6000 kDa hylan B; > 6000 kDa
  1. aMolecular weight supplied by the manufacturer
  2. bHylan A has protein-mediated cross-linking, hylan B is composed of hylan A with additional DVS-mediated cross-linking