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Fig. 1

From: Gout involved the cervical disc and adjacent vertebral endplates misdiagnosed infectious spondylodiscitis on imaging: case report and literature review

Fig. 1

CT image of gout involved the cervical disc and adjacent vertebral endplates in a 50-year-old man with progressive muscular atrophy and weakness in both arms for 9 months and numbness of limbs for 2 months. a Sagittal reconstruction of the cervical spine CT shows slightly irregular osteolytic destruction of C5–6 endplates with discontinuous peripheral sclerotic margins and multiple sequestra and calcification, as well as the narrowing of C5–6 disc space. b Coronal reconstruction CT image illustrating the same findings. c Axial CT image shows irregular marginal destruction of the vertebral body (white arrow) with multiple small sequestra and calcification (red arrows). d Volume rendered (VR) image shows multiple sequestra (white arrow) and the narrowing of disc space

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