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Fig. 5

From: Abbreviated quantitative UTE imaging in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Fig. 5

Sagittal and axial UTE image with TE of 4 ms for a representative ACL reconstruction subject. The left column shows the images in the sagittal plane and the right column shows images from the axial planes denoted by the yellow lines in the sagittal plane images. The red lines delineate the ACL graft. The first row depicts the femoral intra-bone graft and graft/bone interface, the second row depicts the intra-articular graft, and the third row depicts the tibial intra-bone graft and graft/bone interface. The outlines of the ACL graft on the sagittal plane images have been shrunk by 2 voxels for illustration purposes. The ACL graft outlines on the axial plane images were not shrunk by 2 voxels. The ACL graft outlines on the axial plane images of the femoral and tibial graft tunnels are thicker than the ACL graft outlines on the axial plane image of the intra-articular graft because they include the graft/bone interface (outer 2 voxels)

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