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Table 4 Summary of Included and Excluded Data

From: Predictors of substantial improvement in physical function six months after lumbar surgery: is early post-operative walking important? A prospective cohort study

  Excluded (N) Included (N)
Invited to participate:   262
 Declined 17  
  Unable to provide informed consent 4  
  Co-existing condition limiting walking 6  
 Withdrew consent 2  
Completed pre-operative OM’s and activity monitoring: 233a
 Lost/faulty monitor 27  
 Incomplete monitoring period 16  
 Incomplete outcome measures 19  
Data sets available for multivariable analysis: 171
Included in multivariable analysisb:
 ODQ 14 157
 SF-36 (PCS) 17 154
 Back pain n/a n/a
 Leg pain 18 196c
  1. OM’s Outcome measures, ODQ Oswestry Disability Questionnaire, SF-36 (PCS) Short Form 36 Physical Component Summary
  2. aTotal number included in sensitivity analysis using multiple imputation to estimate missing data; bRemaining exclusions from individual regression analyses were due to incomplete individual outcome measures or missing independent variable data; cWalking time was not significantly correlated with change in leg pain, the 43 participants with missing activity monitor data included in the multivariable analysis