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Table 2 The results of AIC values with each % disc height

From: Relationship between X-ray findings of lumbar spondylosis and knee pain

disc Item 1 Item 2 AIC*
T12/L1 Buttock pain   −4.57
  Previous vertebral fracture   −4.05
  Previous vertebral fracture Buttock pain −1.58
  Lower limb pain   −1.11
L1/L2 Knee pain   −4.11
  Knee pain Abnormal Posture −1.31
L2/L3 Knee pain   −13.3
  Knee pain Back pain −6.14
L3/L4 Knee pain   −3.15
L4/L5 None   -- < 0
L5/S None   -- < 0
  1. *AIC = Akaike Information Criterion; Valuable are sorted in ascending order. The lowest AIC value represents the model with the best fit