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Table 1 Description of the lateral ankle ligament sprain clinical practice guidelines

From: What is the quality of clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of acute lateral ankle ligament sprains in adults? A systematic review

Number Publication Name Author Target Health Professional
1 2006 Health care guideline: ankle sprain. Fongemie, A., et al. [36] Physicians and nurses from Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement. www. ICSI. Org Zugriff am
2 2006 KNGF guideline for physical therapy in patients with acute ankle sprain-practice guidelines. Wees, P., et al. [37] Physical therapists who are members of the Royal Dutch Society of Physical Therapy
3 2009 Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner (OHNP) Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG), Ankle/Foot Injury. Fonceca [38] Occupational health nurse practitioner from Carepoint Industrial Health Services
4 2011 Adult Care, Chapter 7, Musculoskeletal System. Health Canada [39] Nurses employed by Health Canada First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) CPG for Nurses in Primary Care
5 2012 Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of ankle sprains: an evidence-based clinical guideline. Kerkhoffs, G. M., et al. [40] Physical therapists, orthopaedic and trauma surgeons, family, rehabilitation, occupational, and sports physicians, radiologists, and professionals involved in sport massage
6 2013 National Athletic Trainers’ Association position statement: conservative management and prevention of ankle sprains in athletes. Kaminski, T. W., et al. [41] Athletic trainers who are members of the American Athletic Trainers’ Association
7 2013 Ankle stability and movement coordination impairments: ankle ligament sprains: CPG linked to the international classification of functioning, disability and health from the orthopaedic section of the American Physical Therapy Association. Martin, R. L., et al. [42] Physical therapists who are members of the American Physical Therapy Association