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Table 1 Patient Data

From: The value of elbow arthroscopy in diagnosing and treatment of radial head fractures

Fracture type [Mason] after arthroscopyIIIIIVIVIIIVIVIIVIVIIIIVIVIVIVIVIVIIIVIV1:4:1:14
Genderffmmmffmfmmmmmmfmmmff:m = 1:2.9
Age [years]584039503250445444464728315831412259513242.9 ± 10.9
Follow up [months]474645454444444343414140404039383737363541.4 ± 3.4
Loose bodies [n]0244013111121112102185%
Osteochondral lesions capitellum++++++++++++++++80%
Injury to the lateral collateral ligaments+++++++35%
Screw osteosynthesis+++++++++++++65%
Partial radial head resection++10%
Loose body removal+++++++++++++++++85%
Chondroplasty capitellum++++++++40%
Lateral collateral ligament reconstruction+++++++35%
OES484747484748484748454748454548484848474847.3 ± 1.1
MEPI10095100100100951001001009510095959510010010010010010098.5 ± 2.4
DASH01001.7000.801012200001.700.6 ± 0.8
  1. f female, m male, OES The Oxford Elbow Score, MEPI The Mayo Elbow Performance Index, DASH Disabilities of Arm, Shoulder and Hand Questionnaire