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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Comparison of SCAphoid fracture osteosynthesis by MAGnesium-based headless Herbert screws with titanium Herbert screws: protocol for the randomized controlled SCAMAG clinical trial

Inclusion criteria:
• Indication for screw fixation of scaphoid fracture which is not older than 12 weeks; classification by Herbert, modified by Krimmer of types A2, B1, B2, B3 [4],
• normal wrist function prior to fracture,
• age ≥ 18 years,
• written informed consent for trial participation and surgery.
Exclusion criteria:
• Previous surgery on the wrist, associated injuries, state after or suspicion of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS),
• simultaneous fractures of the forearm of both sides and those who will influence the postoperative care,
• known ligamentary concomitant injuries of the wrist on both sides and those who will influence the post-operative care,
• radiological findings of medium to high grade osteoporosis,
• intended or conducted spongiosa transplantation or bone graft transplantation during surgery,
• pregnancy, suspected pregnancy or breastfeeding period,
• allergies to components of osteosynthesis material,
• participation in other clinical trials up to 30 days before inclusion in this trial,
• central neurological deficits which do not permit a compliance to the trial, especially during follow-up,
• for patients recruited to the centers near Hanover and undergoing MRI: claustrophobia and metallic implants which are contraindicative for an MRI.