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Table 1 Physical examination

From: Effectiveness of standardized ultrasound guided percutaneous treatment of lateral epicondylitis with application of autologous blood, dextrose or perforation only on pain: a study protocol for a multi-center, blinded, randomized controlled trial with a 1 year follow up

Test Gradation
At baseline
 Valgus stability Grade 1/2/3
 Pivot shift Positive/negative
 Position of the axis Normal/valgus/varus
 Motor function and sensibility of the ulnar nerve Intact/disturbed
At baseline, 8 weeks and 5 months
 ROM; Flexion/extension, pronation/supination. Measured by classic goniometry In degrees
 Hydrops Yes/no
 Pain on palpation epicondyle and ECRB; Yes/no
 Pain during dorsiflexion of the wrist (from a neutral position and elbow straight) against resistance Yes/no
 Strength; maximum voluntary hand force measured with a Jamar manual force meter [20] In Kilogram
 Strength; ratio between the affected and healthy arm is calculated. Three consecutive measurements will be performed with one minute intervals between contractions. In Kilogram
The average force of three repetitions will be calculated