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Table 3 Mixed effect model analysis of EQ-5D-3L VAS – baseline to 12-month follow-up

From: Physiotherapist as primary assessor for patients with suspected knee osteoarthritis in primary care—a randomised controlled pragmatic study

  1. Presenting p-values from regression analyses using mixed effect models
  2. Model 1: Model included the variables Group, Time and Group x Time
  3. Model 1 with confounder: Confounders were added separately to Model 1. Confounding variables with p-values < 0.2 were carried forward to the final model
  4. Model 2: Final model, adjusted for confounders (sex, pain intensity and physical function)
  5. Group: PT group resp. physician group
  6. Time: Measurements at baseline, 3-, 6- and 12-month follow-ups
  7. Group x Time: Statistical interaction of group and time
  8. aBody Mass Index
  9. bEducational level, dichotomized variables - primary and secondary or tertiary school
  10. cPain intensity, VAS 0–100
  11. dPhysical function, 30-s Chair Stand Test
  12. *Statistically significant, p < 0.05