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Table 2 OKS and predicted utility scores (EQ-5D): used to model the crossover arma

From: Cooled radiofrequency ablation of the genicular nerves for chronic pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee: a cost-effectiveness analysis based on trial data

  Study Month 6b Study Month 7b Study Month 9b Study Month 12b
OKS Mean (SD) 18.6 (6.6) 30.0 (9.4) 30.3 (10.0) 29.8 (10.6)
  Sample sizec 42 40 38 37
  SE 1.02 1.49 1.62 1.74
Mapped EQ-5D Mean (SE) 0.377 (0.042) 0.633 (0.043) 0.640 (0.046) 0.628 (0.049)
  1. Abbreviations: CRFA cooled radiofrequency ablation, IAS intra-articular steroid, OKS Oxford Knee Score, SD standard deviation, SE standard error
  2. aBased on the clinical trial NCT02343003, subjects in the IAS arm were able to cross over to CRFA at study Month 6 and continued to be followed up at study Month 7, 9 and 12. Data shown for those patients in the IAS arm who received CRFA at month 6
  3. bTime points as per clinical trial
  4. cSample size represents only subjects who crossed over from IAS to CRFA at 6 months, with available data at each time point (based on per protocol analysis set)