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Table 3 Predicting 1-Year Change in Mental Component Scores Results from Multiple Linear Regression

From: Improvement in mental health following total hip arthroplasty: the role of pain and function

Per 10 Unit Change Unadjusted
Beta (95%CI)
Beta (95%CI)
Multiple Imputationb
Beta (95%CI)
WOMAC Pain 0.83 (0.45–1.21) 0.78 (0.40–1.16) 0.80 (0.42–1.18)
WOMAC Function 0.95 (0.58–1.32) 0.94 (0.56–1.32) 0.96 (0.59–1.33)
  1. aAdjusted for BMI, Age, ASA (C vs. Oth), Insurance (private vs. public), Primary OA, smoking, Charnley (C vs. oth)
  2. bAdjusted using simultaneous multiple imputation (included variables: Education, BMI, Age, ASA (C vs. oth)