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Table 3 Point system according to Stübig et al. [24]. Subjective Image Quality Total (SIQ), trabecular structure (TS)

From: Real-time intraoperative 3D image intensifier-based navigation in reversed shoulder arthroplasty- analyses of image quality

Points SIQ Delineation of Cortical Bone Delineation of Cancellous Bone Delineation of Articular Surfaces Artifacts Clinical Assessment Total
1 Excellent Excellent TS perfectly visible Excellent No relevant artifacts Very good evaluation, no open questions
2 Good Good TS clearly visible Good Few artifacts, barely disturbing Good evaluation despite minor quality defects
3 Acceptable Acceptable TS moderately visible Acceptable Moderate artifacts, slightly disturbing Evaluation generally possible with some open questions
4 Somewhat reduced Barely visible, blurred edges TS barely visible Barely visible, blurred edges Disturbing, evaluation rather limited Limited evaluation, control scan recommended
5 Reduced Completely blurred, no delineation TS not visible Completely blurred, no delineation Very disturbing, evaluation impossible No evaluation of query, CT recommended