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Table 1 inclusion criteria for each tendinopathy

From: Prevalence and incidence rate of lower-extremity tendinopathies in a Danish general practice: a registry-based study

Tendinopathy Description in patient file
Plantar heel pain - Plantar fasciopathy/Fasciitis plantaris
- Heel spur
- Calcar calcanei
- Contractura aponeuroseos plantaris
Achilles tendinopathy - Achilles tendinopathy/tendinitis
- Tendinitis calcanei
Patellar tendinopathy - Patellar tendinopathy/ tendinitis
- Jumper’s Knee
Greater trochanteric pain syndrome - Greater trochanteric pain syndrome
- Trochanteric bursitis
- Tendinitis trochanterica
Adductor tendinopathy - Adductor tendinopathy
- Tendinitis of the hip adductors